How to redirect PDF Converter Output

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How to redirect PDF Converter Output

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[b]"Intercept the PDF data stream to defined destinations other than file or e-mail, or to do other processing with the data? How can this be done?[/b]

This option is available starting version 2.10 of the PDF Converter. The data stream generated by the Document Converter products can be intercepted for processing other than the default saving to a file or sending by email. The data stream can be sent to a remote location without being saved to the local hard drive, or sent to an application that needs to do some specific processing with the stream before saving it to file.

To intercept the data stream, the following steps should be followed:
1. Create a custom DLL following the framework described in our documentation and copy the DLL to the system or system32 directory.
2. Set the SendToCreator option in the FileNameOptions method or function call.
3. Set the "PageProcessor" parameter using SetPageProcessor method or function call. This parameter should be set to the name of the custom DLL and only when logged in as Administrator.

You can find a detailed explanation of this feature by looking over pages 152 to 154 of the "Common Driver Interface210.pdf" that is shipped with the product.
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