How do I use the PDF Converter in my 16-Bit applications?

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How do I use the PDF Converter in my 16-Bit applications?

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- To use the PDF Converter in 16-Bit applications you can do one of the following:

1 - Install the printer using install.exe (even with the developer version), and then use Windows DOCINFO structure and StartDoc function to set up output file name. For the printer options (e.g.: resolution, ...) you can use the DEVMODE structure as described in the tech note 2 for the DEVMODE structure, please feel free to download this technical note from:

2 - Call the 32-Bit CDINTF DLL from the 16-Bit applications. This requires some special function calls either in C or Delphi.

3 - You may also run Install.exe to install the PDF Printer and to convert your reports to pdf you can just print them to the PDF printer. To specify the output file name and this make it transparent to the user you need the print to file option.

4 - To use the following options:
- Concatenation
- Merge (watermarks that come from another PDF file)
- Web optimization
- Send by email
You need to do this after the document is generated. You can either use PdfConcat.exe, and PdfSplit.exe available at: or use a C/C++ code to call CDINTF from a 16-Bit application (a sample of this code can be provided by contacting the Support Department
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