How do I set the font embedding options programmatically?

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How do I set the font embedding options programmatically?

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1 - You can call SetFileNameOptions( EmbedStandardFonts
+ EmbedLicensedFonts + ... ) and not reset the value back to 0

2 - You can use the DEVMODE structure as documented in Technical note 2 – TN02, . If you can work with DEVMODE structures from within your application, this technical note, has a paragraph about various flags that you can set such as; Compression, Font embedding, Jpeg and 256 colors. You can use the following flags for font embedding options:
Bit 5 Broadcast messages
Bit 6 Multilanguage support
Bit 7 Full embedding
Bit 8 Standard embedding
Bit 9 Licensed embedding

3 - You can use a new property that we have added to CDINTF, which is
"DevmodeFlags" which you can use to set the same flags as in method 2, above. For
example, you can have a script that sets up the printer by calling:
Dim cdi As new CDIntf.CDIntf
cdi.DriverInit PrinterName
cdi.DevmodeFlags = &H20 + &H100 ' Multilanguage + Licensed
Set cdi = Nothing
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