Silent Installation of USB Mobile Monitor for Systems with no Screen

The Amyuni USB Mobile Monitor allows you to connect your Android mobile phone or tablet to your PC or Linux device with a simple USB Cable. All that is required is the download of the USB Mobile Monitor App on your device and the installation of the USB Mobile Monitor software on your system. USB Mobile Monitor works for Desktops and Servers from Windows XP to Windows 10 and Server OSes, in addition to Linux based systems.
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Silent Installation of USB Mobile Monitor for Systems with no Screen

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This procedure can be used to install USB Mobile Monitor on a system with a broken monitor (e.g. a laptop) or if a screen cannot be connected.

On a working PC:
- Download the installation package from
- Extract the installer usbmmInst.exe and save it to a USB drive. For easier installation on multiple systems, you can also copy the installer to a CD and create an autorun.inf file on the CD to launch the installation automatically. The autorun.inf should contain:
open=usbmmInst.exe /s=1

On the target PC with a keyboard connected:
- Disconnect the PC from the network, this will avoid Windows trying to install or update device drivers during this procedure
- Disconnect your Android device but keep it close as you will need it in a later step
- If using a CD, the installation will start automatically. If using a USB drive, you can start the installation as follows: Hit Win+R on the keyboard in order to Run an application, enter 'd:\usbmmInst.exe /s=1' without the quotes. D: is the expected drive letter for the USB drive, you might need to experiment with other drive letters such as E:
- If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled, Windows will play a standard sound and prompt for confirmation that you want to run the installer. Hit 'Alt+Y' or 'Shift+Tab followed by Enter' to confirm the installation
- Hit enter a second time as Windows will prompt you to trust the publisher "Amyuni Technologies Inc."
- Once the installation starts, you will hear 2 short beeps. These are different from the Windows standard sounds and more like old-style computer beeps
- After a few seconds, you will hear 3 short beeps. Windows might play other standard sounds in the meantime which you will ignore. When you hear the 3 beeps, plugin your Android device to the system
- The installation will continue automatically until you hear a long beep, at this point your computer desktop should already be showing on your device
- If you hear the long beep and still don't see your screen, a system reboot is required

For more details about USB Mobile Monitor, visit our dedicated website:
Amyuni Development Team

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