Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

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Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

Post by sir_hel »

In the same program: As soon I'm sending an email with the function call "MAPISendMail" I get an error "printer not activated, error code -30" when trying to print with Amyuni.

The error occurs not when calling "EnablePrinter", which works without error but when calling StartDoc. There's to mention, that the error is displayed within StartDoc und the returncode of StartDoc reports OK.

+ Windows 7 64 bit
+developer version - Amyuni, Amyuni
+ Outlook (Office) 2016 (32 bit)
+ 32bit application

The error occurs only under the combination mentioned above. Using a different version of Outlook generates no error.

Are there any experiences, hints, solutions for this problem?

Best regards,
Helmut Schierer
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Re: Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

Post by speedi »

We are experiencing the same problem as Helmut.

The PDF converter functions fine up until an email is sent via simple MAPI from our application.
The next and all subsequent attempts to print to the PDF Converter result in a "Printer not activated, error code -30".

So far only users who have Microsoft Office/Outlook 2016 are experiencing this problem.

Tested with configuration:
- Windows 10 64bit/Windows 8.1 64bit
- PDF Converter (developer) - versions and standard dll interface.
- Outlook/Office 2016 (32 bit)
- 32bit PowerBuilder application
- Simple MAPI (invoked from PowerBuilder mailSession object)

Other info:
- We are a long running user of the PDF Converter (starting with version 2.50) and the way that our application integrates with it has not changed
- PDF conversion and emailing via MAPI are a core part of our application and we have little control over the version of Microsoft Office our users choose to install.
- We have users running various versions of Windows and earlier versions of Outlook (2010,2013) with no problems.

I find it hard to understand why a MAPI call would conflict with Amyuni which makes it difficult to know where to look for a solution.

Some assistance from Amyuni or people who have found a solution would be great.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

Post by Devteam »

Office 2016 is proving to be a real headache and there is no easy solution to the issue that you are encountering. Office is somehow changing the security on the registry and your application is not able to read/write from certain registry locations that are needed by PDF Converter.

The solution that we currently have is the following:
- Request a different license key from our support or sales teams specifying that you need a "per-user license key"
- Reinstall the Amyuni PDF Converter printer using the new key (mandatory step!)

There are 2 drawbacks to this solution:
- It will not work unless the printer is properly reinstalled. Using the new license key with a printer that was installed with the previous key will cause printing to fail with or without MAPI
- The account under which the printer is configured and activated should be the same as the account where printing occurs. This means that the calls to EnablePrinter, SetFileNameOptions, SetDefaultFileName, ... have to be made within the same account as the one doing the call to the Print method

We are working on an easier solution for developers, in the meantime we hope that the workaround will help.
Amyuni Development Team

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Re: Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

Post by sir_hel »

We got a "per-user license key" and could solve the problem with it.

We are using a developer license which is bound to a specific application. According to the developer documentation we are not entitled to give the licensce key away (which would be the case, if we install the driver with the new key at setup time), so we tested it without reinstallation.

We usually dont' activate the printer at setup-time but just before printing in the program with calling "EnablePrinter". Our tests show us, that using that method it is not necessary to reinstall the printer as long as a Version 5.0.x is (previously) installed. The entries in the registry are written in the intended place (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) and everything seems to work fine.

Do we miss something important?
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Re: Interference between printing and Outlook2016 (MAPI)?

Post by JoSuth »


Has there been any progress on any easier solution to get past this issue or has anyone got another work around? We are having quite a few issues as more people are upgrading to Office 2016.

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