Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

Post by Vladimir »

Greeting all.

using Pdf Converter:

1. Open .pdf document
2. Look for bookmarks (each bookmark link to the page or set of pages)
3. Read them and extract page/pages linked to those bookmarks into individual .pdf files.

Thank You
Amyuni Team
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Re: Is it possible?

Post by Jose »


The Amyuni PDF Converter only exposes a subset of all the PDF Bookmark object functionality exposed by our libraries.

The functionality you are asking about is possible with our Amyuni PDF Creator product. I have included links below to our online documentation where you can find more information about this.

You will simply need to use the ReachBookmark method to retrieve the page the bookmark is point to and then use the SavePage method to save this page into its own PDF document.

The Bookmark object’s ReachBookmark method displays the document location pointed to by that bookmark. ... Method.htm

The SavePage method is used to save a single page during page by page saving. ... Method.htm

Hope this answers your question?
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