Bookmark control for PDF Editor

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Bookmark control for PDF Editor

Post by dbourni »

Where is this control ?
After installation I have only the PDFCreativeX control...
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Post by Joan »


When installing the PDF Creator you get 3 dlls:

The bookmarks control can't be added as a visual control to the form, it can be used programmatically only to add bookmarks to a pdf file.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Bookmark control for PDF Editor

Post by asuwandarathne »

Hi anyone,

Please help me on inserting the bookmark to my pdf.
I was suffering from this issue and tries several ways but still anything ddnt work for me.
:? :? :? :? :?

I have used following method: ple help me on that

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// set license key
acPDFCreatorLib.SetLicenseKey("", "");
System.IO.FileStream file1 = new System.IO.FileStream("Html.pdf", System.IO.FileMode.Open);
IacDocument document = new IacDocument();
document.Open(file1, "");
int intTotalPages = document.PageCount;
Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacBookmark root = document.RootBookmark;
//Create New Bookmarks
Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacBookmark child = root.InsertChild(0, "Page [1]", "");
//root.InsertChild Index, Title, Object, BookMark
//Index: 0 based index where the child bookmark should be inserted
//Title: bookmark title
//Object: reference of the object where the bookmark should point
//if no object is selected, it will point to the top of the current page.
for (int intCtr = intTotalPages; intCtr >= 2; intCtr = intCtr - 2)
// Move to next page.
document.CurrentPage = document.GetPage(intCtr);
//insert child bookmarks, one per page with hidden ID (see next page)
root.InsertChild(1, "Page [" + intCtr + "]", "");
//Delete the bookmarks
//save the pdf file
System.IO.FileStream file2 = new System.IO.FileStream("Bookmarked.pdf", System.IO.FileMode.Create);
document.Save(file2, Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacFileSaveOption.acFileSaveAll);
//Delete the document object

that is taken from the following link: ... 20.NET.pdf (page 138)

Anyone please raise a hand for this..
i am in a deep trouble :?: :?:
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Re: Bookmark control for PDF Editor

Post by Jose »


We also provide a number of different technical notes that can assist the developer in using our product. These technical notes are written with different programming languages and are available from our website. I have included a link below:

I suggest that you look at Technical note TN07. This technical note is written in Delphi and includes the examples you need.

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