Merge document with mixed Landscape and Portrait pages

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Merge document with mixed Landscape and Portrait pages

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I would like to be able to merge a single page, in portrait with a document that contains both Portrait and Landscape pages, currently the portrait page is being clipped at the top. Ideally I would like to scale the merge page down on portrait pages so that it's height is equivalent to the height of the Landscape page. This way all content of the merge page would be displayed, all be it a little smaller. But to us that seems a lot better than clipping.

I found some properties described in the WebHelp -> ... ibutes.htm
which I found when I searched from the PDF Converter page, however I just noticed in the url above that these are PDF Creator properties, that explains why I could not find them in the CDIntfEx.DocumentClass....

suggestions on how to do this, are greatly appreciated!

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