Modifying PDF files

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Modifying PDF files

Post by calle »


We need some functionality of pdfcreactivex.dll (Amyuni PDF Creator) for manipulating PDF files.

Our product will modify texts inside a PDF file (i.e. read in texts objects in the PDF, modify texts, write out modified text objects to the PDF).

This functionality is in one of our products. The product is sold as such to multiple customers (hope so ).

Which license do we need for this?
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Re: Modifying PDF files

Post by David »


For the type of application that you are building, you need:
- A developer license for each developer/programmer in your organisation that works with integrating the Amyuni tools into your application.
- An application license for each application that you build and integrate the Amyuni tools into.

You can find more detailed licensing information at the following link: ... cense.html

Hope that helps.
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