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General Dev Question

Post by icecoke »


I'm new to the amyuni pdf converter, and I wonder if this constellation is possible:

1. Installing of pdf converter driver and my delphi app
2. On App start the driver is configured to start an event (to my delphi app) each time some other(!) windows application is printing to the pdf converter driver.
3. So when any windows application (not(!) my delphi app) is using this printer, I can catch its pdf output and do some other stuff within my delphi app with this output.

Can this be done? Or is this not intended with the amyuni pdf converter? And (maby someone from the amyuni staff can answer this) is this allowed with the developer license for royalty free distribution?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


When printing to the PDF Printer, the printer fire events when printing starts and when it ends.

You can catch these events and take the generated pdf file and do some processing with it.

This is more related to Windows event handling than to the PDF Converter.

BUT, using the Developer version of the PDF Converter you can't print from any windows application to the printer, you can print only from inside your Delphi application programmatically.

So practically the scenario you suggested is not applicable unless you have a Corporate license and you are building an inhouse (an not commercial) solution.

Hope this helps.
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