Can I print the PDF file to a physical printer ...

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Can I print the PDF file to a physical printer ...

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using the Developer version of the PDF Converter?

Yes, printing the PDF file to a physical printer is available in the Professional version 2.1 of the driver. Here is a snippet of Visual Basic code that illustrates how this is done.

PDFdoc.SetLicenseKey "Evaluation Version Developer", "07EFCDAB0100...."
PDFdoc.Open "c:\temp\sample.pdf"
With PDFdoc
'Print function available in Pro version only
'Print(PrinterName As String, StartPage As Long, EndPage As Long, Copies As Long)
' Name of printer as it shows in the printers control panel.
' If this parameter is left empty, the document will print to the default printer.
' Page number from which to start printing. The index of the first page is 1.
' Page number at which to stop printing.
' Number of copies to print the document.
.Print "", 1, 1, 1
End With
Set PDFdoc = Nothing
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