When calling the function PDFDriverInit...

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When calling the function PDFDriverInit...

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(Printer Name) we get error 1796 error message: “The specified port is unknown”.

A - There are two possible causes:
First case using Windows NT/2000:
The printer is installed on the PDF: port that is created by the PDF Converter. So this error means that there is a problem with the PDFMON.DLL file, which is not installed correctly.

Second case using Windows 95/98:
The PDF Converter is installed on the LPT1: port by default. The error means that the system does not have an LPT1: port (some laptop systems have this problem). In this case, one can install the PDF Converter on some other port using: PDFDriverInit (“MyPrinter; LPT2:”), in this case, the PDF Converter is installed under LPT2: port.

In both cases, the problem may be that you are using the character ';' in the printer name, which is not valid.
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