Document passwords with Eval version Pro 2.5

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Document passwords with Eval version Pro 2.5

Post by marcveilleux » Wed Oct 12 2005


I am using the PDF Converter Eval Version Pro 2.50d-1 for developers and I am trying to evaluate Encryption (40 and 128) with the DLL functions (Delphi 5).

The produced PDFs are encrypted as reported by Acrobat Reader 7 but it reports also that "Document Open Password" and "Permissions Password" = No

I tried to SetOwnerPassword and SetUserPassword with different values and even "aaaaaa" and "bbbbbb" (as seen in some posts on forums) but it won't prevent opening the PDF by asking for a password.

The SetPermissions looks to work properly since the printing and other actions are really prevented as expected.

Question: Is it a limitation of the Eval Version not considering SetOwnerPassword and SetUserPassword?

Thank you

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Post by Joan » Thu Oct 13 2005


Using the evaluation version the only passwords that can be set are "aaaaaa" and "bbbbbb", you can't set other passwords.

These are supposed to be set properly.


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