Command Line

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Command Line

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I am currently using Foxpro as both the database and for the programming language. Using Liveware Publishings R&R Report Works being called from Foxpro to run reports generated by R&R. These tools allow us to create PDFs from our Foxpro porgram using a report we designed in R&R. The Amyuni PDF Creator we are using is old version 1.59.

Which of the several current Amyuni products allow the use of command line to create PDFs like their old 1.59 verion?


Jeffrey Hunt
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Re: Command Line

Post by Jose »


Version v1.59 is a legacy version our Amyuni PDF Converter and functionality and the licensing of this product has changed since the release of v1.59.

The standard developer license now longer exposes the ability to call the PDF Converter from the command line.

Since you are using VFP and RR Report Writer, I suggest that you upgrade to our current v4.5 product. We are aware of a number of RR Report Writer developers who have successfully migrated to our version v4.5.

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