PDF Creator - VFP 9 SP2 Can't open in Design mode

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PDF Creator - VFP 9 SP2 Can't open in Design mode

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I am very new using Amyuni products.
I am trying to open a pdf document that has some fields that can be updated by users. The source of this doc has stated that the document is not password protected.
I am using the Amyuni PDF Creator V3. the project is to programmatically fill those fields with data selected by the user from a VFP table. When trying to open the document in Edit mode it triggers and error message. (there is no problem opening in Run mode). (OS is XP Pro).
I compared the properties of this document against the properties of the document created and edited by the sample program and they are identical.
by the way I do not have the programmer's documentation for the amyuni creator (we have licensed both the creator and the Convertor). Could you help??
Tks in advance for your help.
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Re: PDF Creator - VFP 9 SP2 Can't open in Design mode

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please don't cross post messages.

I answer to your post in the "Not sure which product to use" forum.

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