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Digital signature

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I have the latest version of PDF Converter Developer Pro 3.0. I want to add a digital signature into my pdf files with Visual Fox Pro 9.0
I get examples for your forum, but it doesn’t works okey.

I've installed the printer with this command:
run /n1 install.exe -s "Amyuni PDF Converter" -n "UserName" -c "license code"

I've registered the all libraries of pdf

First example:

pdfdoc.SetLicenseKey("Licencia","Activate Code")"c:\prueba.pdf")
if lOpen
lAdd=pdfdoc.DigitalSignature ("Entidad","razon firma", "c:\firma.bmp", "Barcelona", -1, 0, 0, 3000, 3000,8)
if lAdd
pdfdoc.Save ("c:\prueba_sign.pdf")

** lAdd variable is False. DigitalSignature return false

Second Example:

CreatorRef = CREATEOBJECT("PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX")
CreatorRef.SetLicenseKey (Licensee, ActivationCode)
CreatorRef.Open (GETFILE("pdf"), "")
CreatorRef.DigitalSignature ("Fernando Puyuelo Ossorio", "Signature", "", "MAdrid", "1", 500, 400, 300, 300, 1+2+4+8+64)
CreatorRef.Save ("SignedDocument.pdf", 0)

The DigitalSignature function returns “Denied Access” message error

Can you tell me some solution?
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Re: Digital signature

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Please don't cross post your questions.

I replied to your post in the PDF Converter forum.

Thanks and have a nice day 8)
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