Amyuni PDF Convertor 3.0 Under VISTA

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Amyuni PDF Convertor 3.0 Under VISTA

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we are having an issue with version 3.0 of Amyuni printer driver Convertor under VISTA.

the same code ( Visual Foxpro) that used to work under XP is giving a message that it cannot find CDINTF.DLL

we looked at the registery and found CDINTFEX.CDINTFEX key while under XP has CDINTF.CDINTF

Any idea?

Jean Haidar
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Re: Amyuni PDF Convertor 3.0 Under VISTA

Post by Joan »


CDIntf is for version 2 of the PDF Converter. CDIntfEx is for version 2.5 and 3.

Do you have the same version of the PDF Converter installed under XP and Vista?

Please note that under Vista you need to attach the PDF Printer to a a newly created port (a port that you create yourself) and not to the LPT1: port, this needs to be done once when installing the printer.
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