Corrupt PDF - Leaves PDF Creator in Memory

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Corrupt PDF - Leaves PDF Creator in Memory

Post by Bobguich »

When we load a Corrupt PDF File, the PDF File loads and doesnt display anything.. There are no errors at all relayed back to the end user.

When we go to delete that temporary PDF File, PDF Creator has it "locked" somewhere in memory so that we cannot delete the
temporary file until we leave Exit the Foxpro Application...

Is there any way I can tell when it has tried to load a corrupt PDF File?
Can I trap an error or something???

We get about 4000 E-Mails with PDF Attachments daily and some of them do come over as Corrupt..

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Post by Joan »

Hello Bob,

Do you mean that the PDF file opens blank?

Are you trying to delete the PDF file while it is still open in the Creator? This might be the reason why the Creator is hanging.

You might use GetWarningLevel function. The GetWarningLevel method is used to read any warnings generated when opening a document. The warnings are related to features not supported by the PDF Creator.

Here is a sample code. For further information please check page 60 of the Developers manual "Amyuni PDF Creator Developers Manual.pdf"

Code: Select all

Dim a As Long

With PDFCreactiveX1
     .SetLicenseKey Licensee, ActivationCode
     .OpenEx DocumentName, ""
     a = .GetWarningLevel ' To try GetWarningLevel.
     MsgBox (Hex(a))
End With
Hope this helps.
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