Running PDF Converter on PC with Adobe PDF Writer

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Bill Perkins
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Running PDF Converter on PC with Adobe PDF Writer

Post by Bill Perkins » Thu Apr 17 2003

I am trying to run a report (VFP 6) to the Amyuni PDF Converter (installed as a printer driver - installed OK). The Pc I am running this on (Win 2000 Server) has an Adobde PDF Writer driver installed . Everytime I try to run a report to the Amyuni driver, I get a conflict - the error message (I beleive a VFP message) is 'Error Loading Printer Driver'. The same program works fine on another PC. The main difference seems to be the presence of the Adobe PDF Writer. Are there any know conflicts with this situation ?

Thanks in advance!

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Invalid Printer Drivers

Post by gjplaceres » Mon Apr 21 2003


Probably your are creating EXE with the report embeded in the EXE. If so remove the report from the project and installed as a separate file. Also check if your are saving the report with the printer enviroment. If so you need to open the report file as a DBF and remove the information that hold the device and the output and driver. Normally that information is located in the field EXPR in the first record. Check if the information is saved correctly if so try to remove those three line and save the changes and try again.

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Post by Joan » Wed Apr 23 2003


I will move this thread to the VFP forum.

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