pdfs in color

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pdfs in color

Post by jenntincher »

Hi, I'm tech support for a company using the pdf converter version 2.10 in a Visual FoxPro v6 application. We have a user who was having no issues with the pdfs created using this application until just a couple weeks ago, and now all she sees is grayscale when she previews, prints, or emails the resulting pdf. We here in tech support are unable to reproduce the issue and the only thing the user says has changed recently is that they've upgraded their email program. Their Amyuni "printer" color management setting is set to "Automatic", as it has been all along.

What I need to know is: where in the process of printing to a pdf file does the color get applied? Could recent Adobe updates have caused this for this one user? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Joan »


Adobe updates couldn't have caused this issue, at least not as far as i know.

Let your user try the following:

- Generate the pdf file on disk and view it in Acrobat Reader. If the color is grayscale than most probably the 'convert to grayscale' option is checked for one reason or another.

- If the pdf file is colored on disk than let them try to send it by e-mail. If it becomes gray then this would be releated to the e-mail application they are using or to the mail application they are sending it to.

Hope this helps.
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