PDF when I dont want a PDF

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PDF when I dont want a PDF

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I am using PDF converter with a VFP7 application. My users have the option with any report to either view on screen (ie REPORT....PREVIEW), print the report, or create a PDF document (in the latter case this is done based on the code snippets provided on this site).

The problem is that if a user runs a report and creates a PDF document then, if the next time they run a report they want to print it, the report does not come out on the default printer but instead a dialog box pops up asking them to define the name for the PDF file (!)

I'm following the code regarding closing down the converter after using it, so could someone point me in the right direction of where to look to solve this problem please?

I am using version 2.06 of the converter.

Many thanks.
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Post by Joan »

This is just for info:

In VFP the printer is sepcified inside the report. You need to open your report and specify whether you want it to be printed to a specific printer or to the default printer on the system.
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