Pdf with hyperlink

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Pdf with hyperlink

Post by soyicu » Thu Sep 21 2017

i want to know if it is possible to do a hyperlinks with pdf converter.

i have a report with this estructure

Reference Description
Ref1 Reference1
Ref2 Reference2
Ref3 Reference3

i want put an hyperlink in Ref1, Ref2, Ref3

it is possible?
I have a 4.5 version


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Re: Pdf with hyperlink

Post by Jose » Fri Mar 02 2018


I suggest that you look at the SetHyperlinkInternal() method. This method, which is exposed from the document object of CDINTF.dll, creates a hyperlink to a specific location in the same document.

You can find more information about this method from our online documentation (link below)
https://www.amyuni.com/WebHelp/Amyuni_D ... erlink.htm

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