Append PDF/A files

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Append PDF/A files

Post by aroncox »

Windows 8.1, Amyuni PDF Suite ActiveX, PowerBuilder 12.5

I need to be able to append a bunch of PDF files into one, and this has been working well so far using Append. However now a couple of the files I want to append have been created as PDF/A files and it is failing on these. Can anyone suggest a way of handling this?

Things I can think of are:

How do you determine if a PDF file is a PDF/A before doing anything with it? Does Amyuni have something I can call to determine this?

Can I convert a PDF/A to a standard PDF using Amyuni? If so, how?

Can / Should I do a different type of append, i.e. extracting pages into a new document?

Any ideas would be great! Thanks
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Re: Append PDF/A files

Post by Jose »

I have verified your issue with our current v5.5 version of the Amyuni PDF Creator and PDF Converter products and I was able to successfully append a combination of PDF documents that were PDF\A and not PDF\A.

Can you test your issue with an evaluation version v5.5?

Version v5.5 exposes a method to verify if a PDF document is PDF\A. I have included a VBS code snippet that illustrates this.

Code: Select all

'Constants for Activation codes
Const strLicenseTo = "Amyuni Tech Eval"
Const strActivationCode = "07EFCDAB01000100FB0841E772A5FDC96C023E0C9C2E53F235719C2E3A4F4653C93F512EC24A1F3B864FE74002ECF3BC499975DD2A92"
Dim pdfobj  
'Dyaniclly create PDF Creator Object
Set pdfobj = CreateObject("PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX.5.5")

'Open the document
pdfobj.Open "C:\Projects\text_only_pdfa.pdf", ""

with pdfobj

    .setlicensekey strLicenseTo, strActivationCode

	'0	None
	'1	PDFA-1
	'3	PDFA-3
    With pdfobj.GetObjectByName("Document")
       MsgBox "PDFALevel: " & .Attribute("PDFALevel")
    End With
	'0	None
	'65	PDFA-na
	'66	PDFA-nb
	'65 PDFA-nu
	'Note: n = PDFALevel
	With pdfobj.GetObjectByName("Document")
       MsgBox "PDFAConformance: " & .Attribute("PDFAConformance")
    End With

end with
set pdfobj = nothing
PDF\A basically means that the PDF document was generated with particular requirements (i.e. font embedding, no encryption etc.). If you want to remove PDF\A option I believe the quickest solution is to reprint the PDF file through the PDF Converter.

Hope this helps?
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