Blurred images

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Blurred images

Post by viljamar »


has there been some sort of change to the RasterizePageRange method, or more specifically, the font smoothing part?

We recently updated the PDF Creator version from to due to some corrupted pdfs causing crashes on customer side and while those were rectified, the customers started immediately complaining about blurred or "fuzzy" pictures that were hard to read - especially bank account numbers and such.

I don't have the older version of 5.0 available, but I did some testing against other older version we had, the 4.5. The exact same pdf gets rasterized much more blurry in the newer version:

We use the command "RasterizePageRange( 1, nPages, 150, 3, 9 )" to create jpeg versions of pdfs for the client software to show the image for users. I already tried to alter parameters to see if JPeg2000/PNG version or higher DPI value would help, but the difference was very marginal even when zoomed in.

Is there something else I could try or is there a way to add contrast to images so that text appears more clear?

Best regards,
Markus Viljanen
Amyuni Team
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Re: Blurred images

Post by Jose »

Hi Markus,

I ran a couple of quick tests using the code snippet below and comparing the PDF output from v4.5 to version v5.0.1.9 and I was not able to reproduce the situation you are encountering. The resulting PDF documents do not have the "fuzziness" you are describing.

Code: Select all

private void btnTestCode_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        acPDFCreatorLib.SetLicenseKey("Amyuni Tech Eval", "07EFCDAB01000100FB0841E70EA4FDC96C023E0C9CBE54723D6B9C2E3A4F4453C93F512EC24A1F3B864FE74002ECFCBC49992DDD2A92");

        using (IacDocument doc = new Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacDocument())
            using (var fs = File.OpenRead("c:\\temp\\text.pdf"))
                doc.Open(fs, null);
                doc.RasterizePageRange(1, doc.PageCount, 150, IacRasterizeColorOption.acColorOptionRGB, IacImageCompressionConstants.acCompressionJPegHigh);

                using (var fstemp = File.Create("c:\\temp\\output_v50_150_3_9.pdf"))
                    doc.Save(fstemp, IacFileSaveOption.acFileSaveView);

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