Printer not Activated Error code 30

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Printer not Activated Error code 30

Post by peterwegrzyn »

Just upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0. I ran the standard setup for Amyuni PDF Converter, its installed the 'Amyuni PDF Converter' printer as version Its registered to our company name as expected.
I get the message
"Printer not Activated Error code 30"

When ever I try to do anything like convert to PDP/A-1a,PDP/A-1b or export to any format with a Acrobat 9.0 pdf. Also the same message appears no matter what application I try to print from to the PDF printer. For instance Word.

I have previously had 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 print drivers installed on this machine, obviously with different activation codes. One issue. Where is and what is the current version of CDintf.Dll? I have several all in differing locations. Is there a list of the locations of the DLL's?

I don't expect the print driver would work with issue from my application, the activation seem to work fine during the setup.
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Re: Printer not Activated Error code 30

Post by Jose »


This is normal and this situation is being caused because you are using a developer edition of the Amyuni PDF Converter.

The Developer's edition of the PDF Converter functions in a different manner that the desktop edition.

This Developer's edition of the product requires that developers must programmatically enable the PDF Converter printer each time before they send any output to it. This is done by calling the EnablePrinter() function from within their application and passing it the "License to" and "activation code".

The EnablePrinter() is designed to allow the PDF Converter to start generating a PDF document from within 20 seconds of being called. If the printer does not receive a print job to process within this timeframe, it will timeout and the EnablePrinter() must be called again. In the situation where this call is not made, the printing process will fail.

Example: If a user tries to print from another application or even a window’s test page, these procedures will fail.

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