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preview the document

Post by ddnwolff »

We setup the printer driver automatically using a vbs script. When we moved from version 2.5 to version 4.0 suite the preview the document option isn't gettig set anymore. Any ideas why that wouldn't work anymore?



Code: Select all

                Const PostProcessing = 2429072 ' post process file using specified application
	Dim PDF
	On Error Resume Next
	Set PDF = CreateObject("cdintfex.cdintfex")
	If Err.Number <> 0 Then Set PDF = CreateObject("CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx.4")
	On Error GoTo 0
	PDF.PrinterParamStr("PostProcessing") = ins_loc & "\AcroRd32.exe"
	PDF.resolution = 150
	PDF.defaultdirectory = "c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop\"
	PDF.PaperSize = 1
	PDF.FileNameOptionsEx = PostProcessing
	PDF.DevModeFlags =  PDF.DevModeFlags Or 2 Or 4 Or 32 Or 128 Or 1024
	PDF.SetDefaultConfig  'To be called after setting all printer configuration
	Set PDF = Nothing
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Re: preview the document

Post by Jose »


Below is complete VBS script that sets the PostProcessing option on the Amyuni PDF Converter.

This should help.

' This VB script can be used to configure the installed printer
Option Explicit

Const NOPROMPT = 1 ' do not prompt for file name
Const USEFILENAME = 2 ' use file name set by SetDefaultFileName else use document name
Const PostProcessing = 65536 ' post process file using specified application
const ViewerExe = "c:\temp\PDFCreactiveDoc.exe"

'Set PDF = CreateObject("cdintfex.cdintfex.4.5")

Set PDF = CreateObject("cdintfex.cdintfex.4")

'Use your printer name here that you are installing
'This printer name should be unique to your application
PDF.DriverInit( "Amyuni PDF Converter" )

'Tells PDF Converter to call this EXE after printing
PDF.PrinterParamStr("PostProcessing") = ViewerExe

PDF.DefaultDirectory = "c:\temp"
PDF.DefaultFileName = "c:\temp\test.pdf"

'enable PostProcessing and convert hyperlinks
PDF.FileNameOptionsEx = NOPROMPT + USEFILENAME + PostProcessing

'Clean Up
Set PDF = Nothing

MsgBox "Printer Configured",vbInformation, "Amyuni Technologies"
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