Working with large PDF files (50Mb and more)

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Working with large PDF files (50Mb and more)

Post by caraf »

First of all, opening large pdf files (up to 50Mb and more) with Amyuni PDF Creator takes too long (more than a half of the minute) either with Open or OpenEx method (OpenEx faster though but not enough). We are especially interested in using loading form PDF data from memory (via IPersistStreamInit interface). It is obvious that Amyuni PDF Creator functions load PDF files as a whole.

Is there any way to speed up file loading time? Maybe some kind of preview, to read not the whole file at a time, but page-based loading?

Yet another problem with whole-file-based loading is considerable memory usage which can lead to memory shortage.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Working with large PDF files (50Mb and more)

Post by Jose »


The load times for PDF documents has been greatly improved in our soon to be released v4.10 of the PDF Creator.

Version 4.10 is scheduled to be released next month (March).

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Re: Working with large PDF files (50Mb and more)

Post by bmathis »

I am working with a similar issue. Has this version 4.10 been released yet?
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