Which license to buy

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Which license to buy

Post by calle » Mon Aug 10 2009


We need some functionality of pdfcreactivex.dll (Amyuni PDF Creator) for manipulating PDF files in our product.

Which license do we need to deploy our app? :?:

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Re: Which license to buy

Post by Jose » Wed Aug 12 2009


Actually you need both a developer and application licenses.

Developer Licenses:

One developer license is required per software developer involved in integrating an Amyuni product within an application. Developers’ applications can be for in-house use or external distribution.

Application Licenses:

One application license is required per application deployment. The application license is associated to a particular application name (example: application is called ABC) and when a developer develops another application (example: application XYZ) another application license will be needed.

Hope this helps?
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