Currently Evaluating Amyuni Creator

The PDF Creator enables you to create secure PDF documents and to view, print and process existing PDF documents.
If you have any questions about the installation and usage of the PDF Creator please post them here.
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Currently Evaluating Amyuni Creator

Post by dotz »

Currently using pdfCreator.DoCommandTool(Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacCommandTool.acCommandToolField); to add a new field from a toolbar.

However, when I draw the field on the PDF....pdfControl_FireNewObject is not firing off.

pdfCreator.FireNewObject += new Amyuni.PDFCreator.OnFireNewObjectDelegate(pdfControl_FireNewObject);

However, in design mode....... I see the new field, properties etc etc etc. So its there as a newly added field. What may I be missing.
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Re: Currently Evaluating Amyuni Creator

Post by Jose »


I believe that this situation was recently resolved and updated version of the PDF Creator was uploaded on to our website.

I suggest that you download this updated version.

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