DeleteSelectedPages ThumbnailCtrl didn't work in C++

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DeleteSelectedPages ThumbnailCtrl didn't work in C++

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I am trying to add two messages handler for DeleteSelectedPagesThumbnail and ShowMessageThumbnail. After the Wizard create that two methods. I am trying to debug and set break point there, but it never get called event you selects multiple pages and click on delete button........

... Is there anyone have the same issues like mind? Need your help.....

BEGIN_EVENTSINK_MAP(CDocumentManagementInfoDlg, CBaseDlg)
ON_EVENT(CDocMInfoDlg, IDC_THUMBNAIL, 4, CDocMInfoDlg::ShowMessageThumbnail, VTS_I4 VTS_PI4)
ON_EVENT(CDocMInfoDlg, IDC_THUMBNAIL, 2, CDocMInfoDlg::DeleteSelectedPagesThumbnail, VTS_PI4)
ON_EVENT(CDocMInfoDlg, IDC_THUMBNAIL, 1, CDocMInfoDlg::ThumbActivatedThumbnail, VTS_I4

void CDocMInfoDlg::ShowMessageThumbnail(long message, long* ShowDefault)
// TODO: Add your message handler code here

void CDocMInfoDlg::DeleteSelectedPagesThumbnail(long* Continue)
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