Mutiple selections in Thumbnail Control

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Mutiple selections in Thumbnail Control

Post by wd818 »

How to get selected pages in the Thumbnail control?
The only available function is get_SelectedPages(). The function get_SelectedPages returns a VARIANT. How to convert the variant to selected pages in C++?
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Re: Mutiple selections in Thumbnail Control

Post by David »


The property get_SelectedPages() returns a COM array which is inside the VARIANT variable. This is a code snippet that demonstrates how to read a COM array in C++ :

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                  long  n, len;
                  HRESULT     hr;
                  VARIANT value;
                  hr = m_pdf->get_SelectedPages( &value );
                  if ( value.vt == (VT_VARIANT | VT_BYREF) )
                        value = *value.pvarVal;

                  ASSERT( value.vt == (VT_ARRAY | VT_I4) || value.vt == (VT_ARRAY | VT_UI4) );
                  SAFEARRAY * psa = value.parray;
                  hr = SafeArrayLock( psa );
                  hr = SafeArrayGetUBound( psa, 1, &len );

                  DWORD *values = (DWORD *) malloc( len * sizeof(DWORD) );

                  // read data here
                  for ( n = 0; n < len; n++ )
                        values[n] =  ((LPDWORD)psa->pvData)[n];

                  SafeArrayUnlock( psa );

Hope that helps?
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