Printing PDF has intermitent error under load

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Printing PDF has intermitent error under load

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I have been using PrintPDFDocument directly from cdintf300.dll to print PDF files. This works great as long as there is a delay between prints. But I have found that if I send requests quickly (in a loop for example) it will fail intermittently. Even a loop that only prints twice can fail. A loop count of 10 is lucky to print half of the documents. These are relatively small (2 page) PDF files.

As a workaround I tried to use the DocOpen/DocPrint/DocClose functions instead to see if they have the same problem. They do, but it is the DocOpen that actually fails with an error code of -1020. The header files with the DLL do not outline any error codes so I have no idea what this code means. And the GetLastErrorMsg function says that "The operation completed successfully".

Does anyone have a list of the possible error codes? Or at least know what this error code means?
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