Incompatability issue with Adobe FrameMaker 8.0

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Incompatability issue with Adobe FrameMaker 8.0

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I have several PDF files created with Adobe FrameMaker 8.0. After delete one or more pages using the thumb nail control, then save the modified file, a System.AccessViolationException exception is thrown at CPdfcreactivex.Save().

Creator 3.03 is used as an ActiveX control in our MFC application.

To Delete
m_pdf.DeletePage( m_pdf.get_CurrentPage(), 1);

To Undo delete

Here is how we save the modified file after delete/undo operations from the thumb nail control
if( m_pdf.get_Modified())
m_pdf.Save(path, 1);

It works fine with other PDF files.

Can someone help?
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Re: Incompatability issue with Adobe FrameMaker 8.0

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For this case i suggest that you open a request with our Technical Support team and send them a sample pdf file to check it. Our developers will need to check the files to determin if there is an incompatibility issue or a problem with the file itself.

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