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Giuseppe Ferlisi
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PrintPage 3.x

Post by Giuseppe Ferlisi » Mon Oct 22 2007


after update the Creator vom 2.x to 3.x we get a error while printing. We print diferent pages from diferent files to one printqeue.

For i = 1 To 100

dim x() as Byte
x = BinaryPDFImage

Dim nLow As Long[/code][/code]
Dim cbMem As Long
Dim hMem As Long
Dim lpMem As Long
Dim istm As stdole.IUnknown ' IStream

' Get the size
On Error GoTo out
nLow = LBound(x)
On Error GoTo 0
cbMem = (UBound(x) - nLow) + 1

' Allocate a global memory object
hMem = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, cbMem)
If hMem Then
' Lock the memory object and get a pointer to it.
lpMem = GlobalLock(hMem)
If lpMem Then
' Copy to the memory and unlock the handle.
MoveMemory ByVal lpMem, x(nLow), cbMem
Call GlobalUnlock(hMem)
If (CreateStreamOnHGlobal(hMem, CTrue, istm) <> S_OK) Then
End If ' CreateStreamOnHGlobal
End If ' lpMem
End If ' hMem

Dim pdfStream As IPersistStreamInit
Set pdfStream = PDFCreactiveX1

'Load stream into object
pdfStream.Load istm
Call GlobalFree(hMem)
Set pdfStream = Nothing

PDFCreactiveX1.ObjectAttributeStr "Document", "DuplexPrinting", "1"
PDFCreactiveX1.ObjectAttributeStr "Document", "Title", "TEST"
PDFCreactiveX1.ObjectAttributeStr "Pages[1]", "PaperBin", 15

PDFCreactiveX1.PrintPage 1
PDFCreactiveX1.ClearPage 1



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