Error getting ObjectAttribute array

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Error getting ObjectAttribute array

Post by Kiefer » Mon Nov 13 2006

I am trying to iterate through several files and look at their attributes. I can load the first file and see the attributes fine, but when I get to the second file, when I try to load the ObjectAttribute array, I get:

This array is fixed or temporarily locked

for the Object array. Suggestions?

Sample code:

.PDFTest.SetLicenseKey "Suite Evaluation Developer Pro", EvalCode
If .PDFTest.Open(strSource, "") = False Then
msgbox "Error opening PDF File: " & strSource
.PDFTest.ReportState = acReportStateDesign
For n = 1 To PDFTest.PageCount
ObjArray = PDFTest.ObjectAttribute("Pages[" & n & "]", "Objects")
For Each Obj In ObjArray
If Obj.Attribute("Name") <> "" Then
Debug.Print Obj.Attribute("Name")
End If
Next n

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Post by jggori » Wed Nov 22 2006

I set the Currentpage to n and that seemed to help, I'm in the same boat

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Set On Error Resume Next and it will work

Post by Kiefer » Wed Nov 22 2006

The error is actually a spurious error, and can be ignored. If you set

On Error Resume Next

or similar syntax, it will work fine. :)

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