Font spacing corrupted after document update

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Font spacing corrupted after document update

Post by cwtsl » Tue Feb 28 2006

I have a PDF document used as a template, created using a VB app I wrote (dll's say version

Using the Amyuni component the template looks fine on screen as it does in Acrobat.

If I then amend the text in one of the fields as follows (quick routine just for an example):

Code: Select all

    Dim tmp As String
    objarray = PDF1.ObjectAttribute("Pages[1]", "Objects")
    For Each pobj In objarray
        If (pobj.Attribute("ObjectType") = acObjectTypeText) Or (pobj.Attribute("ObjectType") = acObjectTypeFrame) Then
            tmp = pobj.Attribute("TextFont")
            pobj.Attribute("Text") = pobj.Attribute("Text") & pobj.Attribute("Name")
            pobj.Attribute("TextFont") = tmp
        End If
It again looks fine on screen in the Amyuni but in Acrobat the fonts are all messed up with evenly spaced characters.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

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Post by Joan » Tue Feb 28 2006


Which version of the PDF Creator are you using? 2.0a?

I suggest that you try version 2.0g, this is the latest release and it supports a wider range of PDF files.

Hope this helps.

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Post by cwtsl » Tue Feb 28 2006

According to the release notes we have we are on V2.0a.

The original PDF was wholly created and edited in this, and as mentioned it looks fine in the Amyuni plug in but not in Adobe.

I've found a bit of a work around, that is to save the template in design mode only because then loading it again, amending the text and then saving it as an Adobe readable PDF works, but it means the template is not visible in Adobe unless I save 2 copies.

Saving the PDF template using 0 or 1 mean we can see it in adobe and it loads in OK to the next bit of software, but amendments to any part of the form messes up the formatting of fonts.

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