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Status Bar information

Post by JG » Fri Feb 24 2006

I'm using the developer evaluation version of the PDF Creator.
I've placed the control on a form.
Is there any way to interrogate the page and zoom factor entry fields that are on the status bar?
Basically, if a user clicks in those fields and changes them, I want to refresh the control with the updated values. For example if they change the zoom factor from 140% to 150%, I want to refresh the control with the zoom factor set to 150%. I know I can change the zoom factor with the ZoomFactor property. But how do I get the changed value from the entry field?


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Post by Joan » Mon Feb 27 2006


When adding the PDF Creator on a form, it is enough to enter the zoom value in the corresponding field and press enter to set the new zoom for the control.

Hope this helps.

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