prints out with black boxes

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prints out with black boxes

Post by alexmak » Thu Feb 16 2006

I am using version 2.0f and when a client prints out a pdf in our custom app using the amyuni ole printpage(), the printout has blackboxes where the text should be. All the formatting is there, just the text is replaced by black boxes. When the same pdf file is printed out using adobe reader, the print out is as it should be. I am pretty sure this is not amyuni's fault, b/c this is the first client out of 20+ that is having this problem of missing fonts. But when adobe prints the same pdf fine, it only seems to point to amyuni. Any suggestions?

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Post by Joan » Fri Feb 17 2006


Please check the following:

- What is the font used in the field that are printed as black boxes.
- Is this font embedded in the PDF file?
- Does this font exist on the system where the PDF file was generated?

If the answer to the above two questions is YES, you can download the latest version of the PDF Creator 2.0g and try to print the PDF file of your customer using this new version.

If this didn't help please send us the pdf file along with a description of what is happening so our Technical Support team can check it.

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