Rearranging pages w/thumbnails messes up object selection

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Rearranging pages w/thumbnails messes up object selection

Post by beandog » Wed Feb 08 2006

I create a new blank document in the 2.0f version of the demo PDF viewer/creator. I add another blank page. I add a Picture object to the first page. Then I drag the second page onto the first page in the thumbnails view (reversing their order). Then I go to the second page (which now has a picture on it), click on the picture, and I'm taken to the first page immediately.

Any clues?

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Post by Joan » Thu Feb 09 2006

I tried this same scenario in version 2.0g that is currently under testing and i wasn't able to reproduce the same result as you.

In my case when i click on the page having the picture i am taken to page 2.

I suggest that you downlaod version 2.0g when it will be online (in 1 week) and try it.

Hope this helps.

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