Locking the pdf file on Open

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Locking the pdf file on Open

Post by charlesd » Fri Jan 27 2006

Is there any way to put the ActiveX control in a "preview" type mode where it doesn't lock write access to the the files it opens? For example, I would like to be able to show a pdf file without keeping other programs from modifying that same file. Any thoughts?

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Post by Joan » Mon Jan 30 2006


Unfortunately, there is no way to put the ActiveX control in "Preview" mode.

When opening a PDF file we do not load all the file in memory unless it is needed so if a file is large it will not take memory unecessarly, this is why the file should be locked when opened by an application.

As I know, the "Preview" mode idea is not available neither in Adobe Reader nor in any Windows application (Word or Excel by example).

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