Printing clips left side of page on some printers.

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Printing clips left side of page on some printers.

Post by swawrowski » Wed Jan 25 2006

I am using the demo application to print a PDF document. Two of the three printers the left side of the document gets clipped. In one case, about a quarter of the first character in each line is missing; in the other case the whole first character is missing.

Problem Printers:
RICOH Aficio 2045S/P clips 1/4 of first character
HP LaserJet 5si clips first character

The same PDF file prints correctly with Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5.


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Post by Joan » Thu Jan 26 2006


Is fit to paper selected when printing from Adobe?, please check it is selected when printing from the Creator.

Also you may want to change the margins, set them to a greater value for example so the characters are not truncated.

You can also check if the pdf file paper size is similar to the paper size set by the printer while printing.

Hope this helps.

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