help with emailing an excel file

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help with emailing an excel file

Post by mike7231 » Fri Oct 15 2004

i have installed the new Document Converter Suite (PDF-RTF-DHTML-Excel®-JPEG) it works fine except when i print i get an excel file and a pdf i only want a excel file also when i email i only get a pdf how can i only get an excel file?

help mike

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Post by Joan » Mon Oct 18 2004


If you wish to get only Excel documents and email them you need to use our Excel Converter, we don't have a demo version of the Excel Converter online currently, it is practicaly like the Document Converter that you downloaded but it includes the Excel module only (it doesn't allow PDF output).

Otherwise you can use the SendMail function to send the Excel file by e-mail after it is generated.

Hope this helps.

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