Myuni Driver and Family Tree Maker 16

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Myuni Driver and Family Tree Maker 16

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I am using two systems to run FMT16, a dell laptop running XP Pro 32 and my desktop running XP pro 64.

The 32 bit system runs ok and exports to PDF and the printer with nio problem because the standard Amyuni 210 driver used for printing installed.

The XP 64 runs all but the export funcion to PDF. The printer driver does not load at all returning an active x error 2- not being able to find the drivers, I suspect this is because the system expects to see the standard XP 32 driver directoroes and of course these are different for XP 64.

I have tried the latest Amyuni document converter and after changing the printer to LPT1 I can print PDF but I still cannot export or publish PDF. I get the standard error about the program being unable to continue and the error appears to be that that FMT 16 is looking for the standard cdinf210.dll driver in the system 32 directory not the cdf251.dll in the 64 bit system directory.

Does anyone know how I can get this to work. Obviously I can use my laptop to do this operation but that's a real pain and obviously people that don't have this choice are going to be stuck also.
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Version 2.10 of the Converters doesn't support 64-bits, you need version 2.5

For the functions that needs to access CDIntf2.51, if FMT uses the DLL interface of CDIntf there is no way to make them work unless you check with your application provider if they have a newer version of the application that uses version 2.51.
If FMT uses the ActiveX interface of CDIntf you should be able to use a newer version of the Converter that you get for yourself.

I can't know if FMT is using the ActiveX or the DLL you need to check with them but from the error message you are mentioning i doubt they are using the DLL.

Hope this helps.
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