Suddenly Stopped: Amyuni 2.10 Fail to Print

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Suddenly Stopped: Amyuni 2.10 Fail to Print

Post by lherold13 »

The Amyuni Document Converter 2.10 on one of our Dell computers

has stopped working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver;

uninstalled and removed all registry entries and then reinstalled; changed

the Port to COM1 from LPT1; and many other variations. When I try to print

to PDF from any application using the Amyuni Document Converter PDF driver, I get the error

\"Failed to print\" with a suggestion to reinstall the driver. I suspect

that some other driver or installation is conflicting with the PDF driver,

but when I uninstall some recent programs I am unable to resolve the

problem. I have checked your Forum extensively and haven't found a

solution. This driver worked fine up to about a week or two ago, and it

still works fine on a similar Dell system in our office. We would

appreciate any help.
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Post by Joan »


Mainly what you need to do in similar situations is a clean install:
Install the printer
Install the driver
delete the registry keys
delete the following files from the system directory cdintf*.* acfpdf*.*
Reboot the system
Install the new version
Activate it

This should work if not please let us know if you have and end user or developer version of the PDF Converter and whether you have your own version or are using the printer from a third party application.
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