Amyuni Document Converter Demo Version

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Amyuni Document Converter Demo Version

Post by shuvo_haq »

Hello All,

I am using the demo version of "Amyuni Document Converter 2.50d".
I am getting the following error everytime I am going to print

Printer not activated, error code -22

I have tried to activate the printer using the "Licensee" and "LicCode"
but the printer doesn't work.

Please let me know if you have any solution.
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Post by Temp »


we have the same problem (LicCode was too long, we must put it into long string variable and activating printer with this variable), try this post: ... error+code
Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


Beside checking that you are using the right Licensee name and activation code, pleae check that you are calling EnablePrinter() right before printing.

Hope this helps.
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Post by amccoull »

I have just downloaded and installed the latest demo version (2.50e) and have a similar problem except that the error is -20, not -22. I am just trying to print a pdf from Word. Wwhen investigating I saw that there wasn't a Licence key associated. I cut and paste licence details from the install.ini file in the program folder, but although it was accepted it made no difference to printing.
(Win XP SP2)
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Post by amccoull »

Please ignore my last post - it is in the wrong stream (should have been in Amyuni PDF Converter (PDF Printer Driver)), and I've now sorted the problem out, following the advice in one of the posts in that stream.
If you ensure the 'Developer Version' and 'Professional Version' checkboxes are clear in the installation process the End User mode installs and operates OK.
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