ExportToExcel evaluation

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Kang Ku, Lee
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ExportToExcel evaluation

Post by Kang Ku, Lee »

I'm using the document converter 2.5 developer edition with evaluation activation code.
I'm trying to evaluate the ExporttoExcel conversion.
After i have generated a pdf file with my developer evaluation activation code i want to convert the pdf to xls.
Do do this i do the following:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim x As New CDIntfEx.Document

x.SetLicenseKey "Converter Evaluation Developer", "07EFCDAB0100010055087083A1F427689F4677FD9F0949D0A33E571BA69FAED5D5C39249776339468C6EA491C4EE6A623009DBB774A2FE1156D8FB96104CA5A98A09553A526E0BD5D52E18005B567947D12396CEE8582B247059535C597904B32F14CD1245B1683859D58512217A39541E8CA37A0737DF60492E"

x.Open "c:\rxproplus\test.pdf"
x.Optimize 2
x.ExportToEXCEL "c:\rxproplus\test.xls", acExcelExportOptionSingleSheet

End Sub

but the function ExportToExcel never returns from the call and crash program.
Do you have any idea ?
Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan »


The activation code is fine.

It could be that you are using an old build of version 2.50, we are currently at 2.50d

Hope this helps.
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