RTF converter 2.50c: Left Margin in created RTFs

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RTF converter 2.50c: Left Margin in created RTFs

Post by Hannes »

I use the Amyuni RTF converter to print Reports from an Access-Application to RTF files, which works fine so far, but I encounter the following problem:
- The left margin of the generated RTF always is at a value of 6 mm, no matter what value I set using 'cdi.HorizontalMargin'
- If I open the RTF in a (Ascii)Text-Editor, I can verify this:
- the '\margl\' value in the RTF (which indicates the Left Margin) stays at a value of 340 (what seems to equal 6 mm),

Let's say the Access-Report has a left Margin of 2 cm:
I use the option 'Formatted Text" in the RTF-Export Tab for easier manual editing of the RTF.
The result is a Left margin of 6 mm and a leading Tab in each line of the RTF to 1,43 cm (+ 0,6 cm = 2 cm roughly). This makes manual editing difficult.

As a workaround, I tried setting the left margin of the Access Report to 6 mm, but I still get leading Tabs to 0,04 cm.

If I set both values (left margin in AccessReport and cdi.HorizontalMargin) to 0, the result is a left margin of 6 mm and a leading Tab of '-0,57 cm'

Is there any way acutually to set the value of the left margin in the resulting RTF?

Thanks, Hannes
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