PDF generated file size

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PDF generated file size

Post by Fa » Mon Dec 23 2002

PDFConverter Pro 2.05d (developer)

We are making a pdf containing the same image on each page (a logo) & found that the size of the pdf is far more bigger than the same made with PDFWriter.
For 860 pages, we had 55Mb where PDFWriter gave 8Mb.
We, then programmatically through the com interface, used JPEGCompression with a value of 7 and the flag JpegLevelMedium in FileNameOptionsEx, & the size dropped to 24Mb. Still a lot.
(By removing the image & exporting in pdf format the size is about 5Mb!)
For any web using it is far too big a result...

Is there any tips or workaround to reduce that size?
Is there a way to optimize the storage of identical image object?


Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Tue Dec 24 2002


I will try to give you some advises:

- Please try to set the jpeg level to low (2 0r 3) you will get lower pdf size.

- Is the logo you are using a JPG image? The Jpg Compression works for jpeg images.

- You may also try to optimize the pdf file when coverting it by adding the LinearizedPdfFile value to FileNameOptionsEx. Please check Appendix D of the user manual for the exact value to use.

- Also you may want to try the new version 2.08 of the PDF Converter, it may give you better results. You may donwload the new version from our site.

If you are still facing problems please contact our support support@amyuni.com or you may call our support line so they can try to give you more help.

Merry Christmas !

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