PDF creator used in Broderbund PRINTSHOP, page formatting

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PDF creator used in Broderbund PRINTSHOP, page formatting

Post by jenellis » Wed Dec 18 2002

Using PRINTSHOP to create a newsletter; under File menu option says "save as PDF" which I do. When I use Adobe Acrobat Reader to look at the resulting file, the page with two small photos on it has the photos plastered right over some of the text. How can I prevent this from happening ? (When I look at it before I 'save as PDF' it's formatted perfectly).

Thanks for any help

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PDF Converter used in Broderbund PRINTSHOP

Post by Joan » Thu Dec 19 2002


I guess you mean the PDF Converter and not the PDF Creator.

These are two different products we have.

The PDF Converter enables you to convert current documents to pdf by printing them to the PDF Printer while the PDF Creator enables you to generate pdf files from scratch and to open / edit / print existing pdf files.

Concerning the issue you are facing, maybe you can check which version of the PDF Converter PRINTSHOP is using and how the pdf file is generated.

This topic will be moved to the PDF Converter forum so maybe other users using PRINTSHOP can see this and give you any advice.

Have a nice day !

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