Unable to Distribute Version 1.7 on Windows 95 & 98

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Unable to Distribute Version 1.7 on Windows 95 & 98

Post by sgrau » Tue Oct 01 2002

The VB application we created uses PDF converter version 1.7. It works properly on Windows 2000 and XP. However, during testing the application would print to a different printer than the AmyUni PDF Converter on Windows 98 and Windows 95 Computers.

We have double checked to ensure that the proper restributables were included with our setup program and had correctly followed the example code.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by Joan » Tue Dec 17 2002


This is late reply, most probably you already get a reply from our Support but I will reply for references.

We dont have version 1.7 of the PDF Converter. If you are talking about the PDF Converter version 1.57, please consider upgrading it to version 1.59a, because version 1.57 is a little bit old.

Concerning the issue you are facing, please try to set the PDF Printer as default on the Windows 95 / 98 systems or please try to print to a specific printer from inside your application.

If you are still facing this issue please contact our support support@amyuni.com

Merry Christmas !

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